Serenely Rapt is a journal. Each leaf of this journal holds a haloed moment,glowing with the sheen of pearls.

As you journey through life, footsore and weary, there come moments which make you draw a sharp breath and stop in your tracks. You see before you a vista so stunning as to make time stand still. You are mesmerized by the intricacy of that vision, filled to the brim with its vividness, ringing with the tinkling laughter of its wonder. Greedily, you savor the moment, letting it carry you into its depths until you are immersed in it, mind, body and soul. Once below the surface, you see things you could never have imagined. Your soul drinks of the stillness; you are quenched, replete.

You are Rapt in your Serenity. There is silence within you. Your consciousness is still, a-quiver with anticipation. You know you have reached a place you wanted to reach for long. This, you say to yourself, is where my steps were meant to lead me. I must sit here a while… and open myself to what comes next.
That state of readiness is the soil in which seeds of wisdom burgeon in the way miracles happen- without fanfare. You are on the verge of an inner breakthrough. It is a breakthrough that will cause a cataclysmic rearrangement of all a your previously held beliefs. Gently, your inner wisdom takes you by the hand and leads you down the path of you own ‘knowing’. It helps you break down faulty perceptions and beliefs. Your belief system is restructured. Occasionally, a new leg of reference is needed to stabilize the new structure. Your beliefs system expands, filling out a few newly created gaps. Your new structure is now larger and more robust and far more stable than it ever was before.

The stories you will read on Serenely Rapt might be fictional or real. There will be essays triggered by an intriguing experience. Sometimes there will be a voice strident with outraged pain. You will also find a few giggles to wash away the debris left behind by pain as she sweeps by in her dark cloak. Sometimes, there will even be a moment borrowed from the journey of a fellow traveler.

No matter what the format, every iridescent leaf of this journal strives to lead the reader into a state of self- knowing.

It is my earnest hope that your visits to these pages will entice you away from the shores of your everyday life into deeper waters. There is peace there, in the depths. There you will find many oysters of your own life’s experiences strewn on the bottom, awaiting your touch. You will be able to pick up those oysters and pry them open one by one. I hope you will not be surprised at what you find within.

You will know, won’t you, that the pearls you find in those oysters are the ones you have been making, one layer at a time, all your life?

87 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Lovely introduction indeed!

    As for me, I was and still am inspired by Jonathan livingston seagull. To learn, to strive, give every inch a push; to grow, know and excel.

    My best wishes to you.



      1. Dear Julia…

        Are you telling me it was difficult to find my blog earlier..?! With me sharing my posts on FB left right and center! You’re pulling my leg!😀

        SO pleased to see you here…



  2. btw, in your blogger blog, you should create a new post saying that you do not blog anymore there, and redirect the people here. that will make it easy for people to locate ya.


  3. Going through the above I see a great legacy,
    Don’t know it’s real, or fantasy.
    Hope more article to read in days to come
    Go ahead Dagny, give us some.



    1. Ajoy…

      The truth is, I too don’t know if the ‘legacy’ is real or imagined. Hang around, maybe we’ll discover the answer soon…🙂



  4. Wunderful introduction Dag, morning is always new and always bring new joy, new hopes, new dreams.
    Will go through all your’s words. It always great to read your words, your thoughts, your experiences and you🙂

    Keep sharing N spreading your words Dag !!
    Gud luck N God Bless U !!



  5. Dagny,
    I’m not computer savvy . I’m happy I stumbled into this site. I liked your analysis of mediocrity in Enshrined and Venerated. Good luck to you!
    Vasundhara Devi R.


    1. Vasundhara,

      I wish I could tell you how pleased I am so see you here. For you to take the trouble is the biggest compliment to me ever.

      Someday when we meet I will surely give you some computer lessons… and make you a computer whiz…😀

      I am elated you liked the story…🙂

      All the best to you too. I hope I will read many stories from your pen. I do love them.



  6. Hi Dagny, I am obviously here from Gingerchai. You’ve got a terrific site. Nice to see you’re involved in training; In another life (as in a couple of decades ago, or almost) I had the pleasure of being a Trainer in the corporate environment. The transition from high profile corporate to happy freelance was rather easy🙂 and I love what I do now.

    I hope we can keep in touch.




    1. Vidya…

      You obviously ARE from GingerChai🙂 To know you are also a trainer is even a greater pleasure. Freelancing is surely a life saver for me too. It is such fun to train isn’t it…?

      We will surely keep in touch. Such a pleasure to see you here… thank you for your visit.




  7. I had a girl crush on Dagny when I first read the book. I was terribly jealous when she switched bracelets with Hank’s wife. I wanted Hank’s bracelet. Great introduction.


    1. Brenda,

      Welcome to my space.🙂

      So you were more a Hank fan than a Dagny fan..?😀 Good to meet a fellow Rand-ian. Glad you liked the introduction. I hope you will read other stuff too, now that you are here.🙂

      Thanks for the visit…



  8. Hi Dagny
    so happy you are still around! :))
    Thanks for your response to my comments on cindered dreams. I don’t know for some reason I am unable to log in to sulekha.. can’t even read the blogs from my home computer. So at present I am using campus computers to read blogs. ..and from one of your comments I got this “serenely rapt.”:)
    Splendid! ..looks so beautiful with many interesting stuff to read. i shall frequent this w’site at leisure.

    I read your white noise and Hang on world and enjoyed them both..but couldn’t post comments on them ‘cos of sign in prob!:(

    T C and God bless

    Btw: me?..thinking a topic for you to write on!!? poor me is laughing ‘ere.
    anyway, I will surely think of something for you to write on:))) Who knows my topic might even make you a ‘booker-prize” winner!😉


    1. Bharathi…!!! What a pleasure..!

      I am so pleased you came over to this. Sulekha is seriously beginning to bug me. I am a very patient woman (this is a boast I know.. but forgivable because there was a time when I was NOT patient at all… I think I have earned the right to rub it in now :D). Yet, there are limits… even for me. Sulekha has been acting up for almost a year now. I mean, they might as well have recreated the whole bloody thing from scratch- 10 times over. So here I am.

      And so are you.😀

      Why do you think I am asking you to give me a topic…? I can distinctly smell the booker there…🙂

      God bless you too, I am tickled pick to meet with you on these pages.



  9. Beautifully written piece. I think each one of us needs to discover the hidden passions within us and them flow out of us. They help us recreate ourselves, and just as you quote here, there is no joy greater than the joy of recreating ourselves, for it helps us find our own cosy niche in this world. And then the world becomes a beautiful place. I often feel inspired to write an autobiography- those chapters from my own life that transformed the world around for me..
    Thanks for the invite…


    1. Vidya,

      Of all the people I know, certainly YOU should write your memoirs. Why don’t you..? Your writing has a very powerful appeal, you are able to connect with people on a very deep level. I do wish you’d write your autobiography. I promise to promote it for all I am worth- not as a favor to you- but to enhance my own standing in the world.

      I really do want you to read whatever I churn out. Your insights and perceptiveness will greatly add to the value of the blog, of that I am very sure.

      Pleased, VERY pleased to see you here. I only wish I have invited you sooner.😀


  10. Thanks Dagny,
    now i m also clear about yr name since 2008 IBS lucknow it was there in my mind.
    thanks for introducing blog/worldpress.would like to remain in touch thru this media.


    1. Hi Manish.

      It is good to see you here on my space. Welcome.🙂

      Do wander around. Read and analyze. Let me know whether you agree with my thought process or not through your comments.

      My name was a mystery to you?! I am glad it got cleared up then. But why didn’t you ask me all this while?

      Do keep visiting.🙂



  11. Hi Dagny,

    I had dedicated this weekend to digging..
    And pray what did i find.
    The one and …only..Dagny.
    I had some id here too…
    It was long long ago…
    Happy to find u


    1. Sree,

      And I am thrilled to have been found.😀 Digging seems like a good thing. Perhaps I should get into it too…🙂

      Pleased to you meet you here.



    1. Hi Harsh. It is good to see you here too. I know how busy you are, read when you can spare time. After all, these posts aren’t going anywhere.🙂


    1. Rachit,

      I confess that there are times when I am afraid I sound like a Pollyanna completely out of sync with the world. But I can’t help it.

      There are times when I get depressed, but those ‘fits’ don’t last. Before I can say ‘dammit’ my irrepressible hope gets hitched back on and I am grinning away again.

      Intensely gratified to find you on my space. Hope to see a lot more of you.



  12. If this is just the description of the blog, I wonder what surprises the blog itself will have for us. You choice of words, the way you have weaved them into sentences and moreover the meaning behind what you say has left me stunned. Wow!


    1. Farida, I can honestly and sincerely say that you have just paid me the best compliment of my life. I am so surprised that I don’t know how to respond to you.

      All I can say is- Thank you. It is pitifully little, but this is all I can say. How very ineffective words are at times!

      Thank you dear friend. I needed the feeling of joyous overwhelm.


  13. Beautiful Thanks for sharing. Entirely loved this post and look forward to many good reads in the future based on what I have read here! Love the concept of ALL experiences, both good and bad have a silver lining. ANYTHING can be turned around if we make the choice to learn and move from a place of positive.

    Awesome, Miss Lou


    1. Thank you Miss Lou. Glad to see that you found resonance in my words. I look forward to your visits and feedback.

      Have a happy day🙂



  14. Dagny, even when I click on ‘follow’, I don’t get email notifications. The follow button on top says ‘click to see the blog on your reader’. What reader? I’m the reader goddammit.🙂


    1. Greetings O Wise One..!

      If I were not sure that you are pulling my leg, I might have told you where the WordPress Reader resides… which is where they kindly collect all the latest posts on all the wordpress blogs you subscribe to. I might also have gone so far as to describe to you a nifty browser tool which lets you add non- wordpress blogs to your reader so you’d never miss out on your reading- across platforms.

      But since I am convinced you ARE pulling my leg, I shall do none of those things but just smile a wan smile and glide off.

      So there!



      1. I am not pulling your leg. I like to check objects out using visual means, before applying any force on them.😀 Listen, I don’t want to have it on my ‘reader’. I want to know you’ve written, by means of a simple email. Just the way all the others do. There’s something in your widget settings ‘follow’ that you need to tweak maybe.


        1. Lets do this again then.

          When you ‘follow’ a blog, you get to decide how frequently you want emails to notify you of new posts. You can even turn it off entirely. When you ‘unfollowed’ and then ‘re-followed’, your default settings are applicable to my blog too. To change, please bring up your reader. On the right you will see a section called ‘Blogs I follow’ with an EDIT link against it. When you click on that, you’ll get a list of all the blogs you follow. Under each blog name, you again have an ‘edit’ link.

          You can change the settings here not only for Posts but also for comments- for each blog individually.

          Under ‘send new posts by email’ click on ‘instantly’ and we’re in business again.

          By the way, do you have ANY idea what kind of back- log you have on my blog alone? I wouldn’t know, I never had a taste for astronomy. You do the math.

          *sits back smugly*

          Oh and before I forget! Go to the FB page of Serenely Rapt. (Yes, we have an FB page that you’ve already ‘liked’.) Hover over the ‘Like’ button. Make sure the ‘Get Notifications’ and ‘Show in Newsfeeds’ options are selected.

          There’s no way you’re going to miss after that. I’ll be in your face until you wish they’d throw you in a padded cell. Trust me.



    1. Abhra, I am pleased you liked the introduction enough to want to leave a word to me about it. I bask in the sunshine of your appreciation. Thank you for this warmth.🙂



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