Serenely Rapt has moved!

Serenely Rapt is a journal. Each leaf of this journal holds a haloed moment,glowing with the sheen of pearls.

The iridescent leaves of this journal have found their way home and now reside- in all their pearly glory- at

Yes! Serenely Rapt has its own home now. Its journey- of over six years, and counting- will now continue from its new home.

If you have been following Serenely Rapt through the WordPress Follow button, you will need to visit the new site Serenely Rapt and follow the blog from there again else you will only see new posts in your WordPress reader, not get them in your email.

If you subscribed to the blog via email, we’ve got you covered. You’ll continue to receive new posts in your inbox. We’ve shifted you to the new site automatically.

Let’s go over to Serenely Rapt now, shall we?


Deep under the surface of your everyday life, the pearls of your inner wisdom lie in repose, waiting…

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